During COVID-19 emergency our small volunteer based service extended hours of operation from usual 19.00-21.00, workdays, to 14.00-22.00, all days, and was opened to help more than 100 people during first month of emergency situation in R. Moldova. People are reaching out to us on social media and on the phone, asking for support, consultancy, collegial support, advice and/or seeking a friendly conversations, as the needs are huge. During Pandemic time our average talking time to our visitors increased from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

We also recently launched Facebook group ”Ajutor pe timp de COVID-19”, joined by over 100 people in a first week. This group is a space for all citizens for mutual support, as well as aims to facilitate meeting of basic physical (food, clothes, etc.) and connection needs (friendships) of our Lifeline visitors by our volunteer community on this group.

After our Lifeline visitors’ agreement and with accordance with the respect to their anonymity, we will provide in the group the list of their needs to our community to meet them.

The group is on https://www.facebook.com/groups/covidmd and we welcome all people to join it.

Realities around pandemic time, including social distancing have unspoken side effects and are adding to people suffering in some cases. We will continue reaching out to people, who are struggling with the ”invisible” pain and need for long-term support, less prioritized at the moment at National level. Our time is also busy now with extending our practices to provide long-term professional emotional support to the most vulnerable first responders.